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I chose METU and its Photography program, as it is a very dynamic program that allows students to develop and improve at the photography field. This program highly qualifies at international level and I am happy to be one of the students in Budapest Metropolitan University.

Naghmeh Karimei, Iran

Photography BA Alumna

Coming to this university was the best decision I ever made. It had a colossal impact on my life for the better. The professors here are extremely friendly, the students here have become my friends, not just for now, but for the rest of my life. I love the environment and here I feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

Ziad Boraee, Egypt

Commerce and Marketing BSc

I spent my high school exchange here in Budapest and instantly fell in love with the city and the culture. When I started to look for universities abroad, Metropolitan was one of the few in Europe to offer a bachelor degree in International Relations. This inspired and motivated me to come back to this lovely city which had once captured my heart. Together, with our international students from all around the world I feel like we are one big family. Now three years later, since my exchange, I can proudly consider this as my second home.

Noora Saarelainen, Finland

International Relations BA

METU provides students with the skills needed to thrive in an interconnected world. With classmates from around the globe and a quality curriculum; METU bestows students with a thoroughly practical education both in and out of the classrooms.

James Thomas, USA

International Relations BA Alumnus

I like Budapest Metropolitan University because it’s a cultural hub, there are many different people from different cultures. The professors are so friendly, you can share any kind of problems with them. The student office is also very helpful, they make you feel home.

Abdulmajid Yar, Afghanistan

Business Administration and Management BSc Alumnus

Maaz Bhaiji, India

Communication and Media BA Alumnus

Being a Metropolitan student changed me in many ways by being able to meet students from many different cultures, where I wouldn't have met if I did not come to metu. What I like the most about the university is the diversity of the degree courses which I can choose from. For example, being a Business Administration student I have a chance to get a degree from Coventry University as well!

After graduating from engineering, METU offers me wide range of Business courses with great international environment and great lecturers in a fascinating city.

Ege Tunceli, Turkey

Business Development MSc

My experience in Budapest has been by far the best experience I have had outside of Zimbabwe and my first year of university was a blast. This university has given me the great opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world and from all walks of like. It is a very modern university with the loveliest administration who made being a first-year student not so stressful.

Deidre Chikukwa, Zimbabwe

Tourism and Catering BSc

Choosing METU for my future endeavour was one of the best decision so far. I have Gained a global mindset with cultural diversity by making friends across Europe. I have gained confidence by participating in different activities held at the university. I will have the comparative advantage after having masters from METU.

Kaifulwara Mubashir, Pakistan

Communication and Media Studies MA Alumna

I have always wanted to become an artist. It was not easy to decide what I want to do more - to make projects on the computer, or to draw portraits, so when I heard about METU I realized that I can do all of these things there. Since the first days of my studies, I became sure on 110% that all my dreams will come true. Here is a very good atmosphere, and all of the teachers are very friendly, helpful and professional. I met with a lot of people from all over the world. Every day you getting new experience and it's awesome! It's hard to tell something bad about this university. I'm in love with METU and Budapest also!

Anastasia Beletskaya, Russia

Graphic Design BA Alumna

I had a lot of favourite courses so far, for example the Multimedia Applications because the professor is such a great mentor. I also enjoyed our Marketing courses because they were particularly exciting in my opinion.

Heija Liu, China

Communication and Media Studies MA

I have met people from all over the world through my course and through people on the Erasmus programme. I have made some lovely friends who I hope to stay in contact with after my studies. Overall my first year at MET has been a wonderful experience filled with excitement and happiness and I would recommend it to anyone! take the leap of chance you’ll be surprised how much you enjoy it!

Goldie Majtas, UK

Film and Media BA

The best part of the school has been the ability to meet students from all over the globe who have different cultures and traditions than mine. It's truly melting pot of people all across the world. The best part is that we all meet in the city of Budapest which is in the center of Europe. Most of the classes I have taken over the past year have been pretty good, innovative and challenging as well. The professors are ready to help if you are willing to put in the effort as a student. To sum up, my experience here has been great so far and I hope other students alike have been able to enjoy the beauty of learning and living in a school and city like this.

Oluwafemi Samuel Ogundero, Nigeria

Communication and Media MA

In early 2017 I did my graduate internship at the International Office of METU, and that experience surpassed my initial expectations. One of the main reasons that made me decide to stay here is the university's international ambience, having students from literally all over the world. Besides that, I was also very enthusiastic at the idea of doing my master in such a vibrant city; there is pretty much anything a student wish could do in and around the city.

Ulvi Garasharuv, the Netherlands

Communication and Media MA

The best part of METU is getting inspired, surprised and network with international students and it is really great to make me different and become independent.

Sakura Kasai, Japan

Communication and Media Science BA

Metropolitan University in Budapest is a one-of-a-kind wonderful choice to be studying abroad. I am grateful that I had a chance to study in METU.

Mohd Nafis Md Salim, Malaysia

Tourism and Catering BSc

I am very excited of being a part of such an amazing University. I am really happy with my professors and my faculty. They are enthusiastic and great at problem solving. In this university you have a great opportunity of studying abroad as well. One never gets bored as we have so many activities and the university tries to do its best to make you feel home. I found the comfort in the idea of having a big community I can belong to while studying at one of the best universities in the Europe.

Augustina Fornea, Romania

International Relations BA

Budapest Metropolitan University provides an unique student experience with the ability to study in the heart of Europe. The university is full of international students from all over the world, from different cultures. It is easy to make new friends from different countries. Budapest itself is an amazing city, you can find everything you need here for a perfect student life. A lot of cultures, vibrant nightlife. Hungary is very safe and affordable country.

Mohamed Elalfy, Egypt

Finance and Accounting BA

Travelling to Hungary definitely was the best decision I could ever made, here in Metropolitan you live a total international environment growing up personally and professionally by learning many things not only in the school but also in your daily life from the other students. Besides the Education here Budapest offers you an incredible night and lively life, this city never sleeps.

Juan Carlos Altamirao, Mexico

International Business Economics BSc

Budapest Metropolitan University provides an unique student experience with the ability to study in the heart of Europe in one of the most dynamic cities as well as being able to meet people from around the world and seeing different cultures. The university makes sure the student experience remains comfortable and helps with any issues you have, so that you can study and enjoy your student life in Budapest.

Ahmed Aijaz, India

International Business Economics BSc